Vema Srl

Wall mounted or mobile washing machine at mean pressure of 20 Bar Max

The Hydra 20/30 mobile washing machine is a genuine evolution of the spe-cies in the medium/low pressure band. 
Unique in its sector for compactness, low noise levels, reliability and standard accessories, it enables foaming, rinsing and disinfection processes to be opti-mised, particularly in the food sector. 
The system already incorporates all components, from the electrical panel with indicator lights to control pump rotation direction to the 100% stainless steel dispensing system for foaming and disinfection, creating a highly reliable integrated combination to satisfy all sanitising needs 
The frame and trolley are in stainless steel and the washing machine can accommodate two 30 kg detergent containers (mobile version only). 
All parts of the machine can be easily inspected for servicing and controls . 
The pump absorbs just 2.2 kW, produces a pressure of about 20 bars with a flow rate of more than 30 l/min and can be used with hot water up to 90°C 
The controls are low voltage (24 V) and a delayed total stop function shuts down the system when the lance is closed. . 
As with all low to medium pressure systems, compressed air must be introdu-ced to produce the foam
The Hydra 20/30 is also among the most rational washing machines to opera-te, as to start washing the operator simply turns the lever on the front panel and inserts the lance.

Technical features

  • Comandi in bassa tensione (24 volt) 
  • Total stop 
  • Sicurezza in caso di sovratemperatura oltre i 95° C 
  • Indicatore di pressione 
  • Controlli tramite sensore di flusso elettronico 
  • Pompa centrifuga multistadio inox 
  • Quadro comandi protezione IP65 
  • Sistema di dosaggio in acciaio inox completo di by-pass per schiumare e disinfettare 
  • Regolatore di pressione aria compressa con disconnettore idraulico di sicurezza 
  • Pastiglia termica sul compressore aria (solo per versioni con compressore aria a bordo) 
  • Telaio in acciaio inox 
  • Controllo di mancanza acqua in alimentazione 
  • Controllo del corretto senso di rotazione del motore 

Technical data

1065 Parete 30/40 20 2,2 - 1 1
1065/2 Parete 30/40 20 2,2 - 1 2
1067/R Mobile 30/40 20 2,2 - 1 1
1067/R2 Mobile 30/40 20 2,2 - 1 2
1068/R Mobile 50 50 7,5 - 2 1
1068/R2 Mobile 50 50 7,5 - 2 2
1067/CR Mobile 30/40 20 2,2 0,75 1 1
1067/CR2 Mobile 30/40 20 2,2 0,75 1 2
1068/CR Mobile 50 50 7,5 0,75 2 1
1068/CR2 Mobile 50 50 7,5 0,75 2 2