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Centralized washing system Medium Pressure from 20 to 40 Bar

Modula Smart is the best solution for medium pressure washing.
The combination of high efficiency electric motor and inverter, together with a selec-tion of top quality components and components designed specifically by VEMA, has resulted in a highly versatile system with variable speed pump units.
The heart of the control module consists of a PLC. 
Integration with 4/20 mA pressure, flow rate and temperature transducers and va-rious control sensors, with control software developed entirely by the VEMA techni-cal team complete the system, making it completely independent in both operation and safety functions.
Modula Smart is therefore VEMA’s solution to the problem of energy waste, enabling the electrical power consumed to be modulated according to the mechanical demand of the motor shaft. Particularly in the presence of discontinuous loads, this improves energy efficiency, obtaining: 

  • Energy savings as high as 30-40% depending on load 
  • More rational use of the motor, increasing its working life 
  • Less heat dissipated by the electric motor 
  • Less vibration on start up and operation of the pump assembly, thanks to modulation of power in relation to the flow rates required 
  • Electrical circuit optimised in both the transient and full-load current drawn 
  • The inverter ensures a return on investment generally in less than 24 months 
  • The possibility of reducing the operating speed in fluidodyna-mic machines when the nominal speed (50 Hz) is not required also reduces mechanical wear and considerably lowers energy consumption as the relationship between absorbed power and speed is cubic and a slight reduction in Hz therefore means a considerable reduction in kW consumed. 

For different flow rate and pressure requirements contact our technical office who will always be happy to discuss and analyse the most feasible solution for your specific needs

Technical features

  • Low voltage controls (24 volt). 
  • Pressure adjustment. 
  • Automatic water flow adjustment. 
  • Operating Software created by Vema. 
  • Setting of all the parametres by PLC. 
  • Pid system for the pump pressure control. 
  • Transducer of pressure 4/20 mA. 
  • Trasducer of flow 4/20 mA. 
  • Electronic flow sensor. 
  • Contemporary use of more lances at the same time. 
  • Automatic switch off of the pump if not used. 
  • Possibility to have different pressure and flow in different washing zones. 
  • Water lack control. 
  • Over temperature safety control. 
  • Additiona safety control on the entire system. 
  • Control and temperature adjustment (Optional). 
  • IP65 electric control panel. 
  • IP65 S/s electric control panel (Optional). 
  • Impeller pumps with integrated inverter. 
  • water storage tank and centrifugal pump (Optional). 
  • S/s frame. 

Technical data

452002* 2 200 25 11 6~8
452002* 2 400 20 15 12~16
451002 2 100 50 15 4~6
451502 2 150 40 15 6~7
452253 3 225 40 22,5 9~10
453004 4 300 40 30 12~14

* Version without Inverter