Vema Srl

Centralized medium pressure Washing system 20-50 bar

The medium pressure washing system offers low noise levels, low wear, low running costs and low aerosol production. 
It consists of a low pressure system enabling all pre-washing, foam washing, rinsing and disinfecting operations to be performed by a single machine. 
Depending on model, it delivers a pressure of 20 ~ 50 bars and a flow rate per lance of about 25 ~30 I/min 
It provides excellent results combined with low running costs and above all improves work conditions. 
It is fitted with a hydraulic control device with a completely automatic start-delayed stop function. 
This type of washing machine has been conceived for centralization and is therefore designed for connection to piping where the outlets will be created to mount peripheral units which must include provision for compressed air to optimise the foaming phase. 
A vast range of accessories, including lances, hoses, hose reels, foaming systems etc. are also available.

Technical features

  • Low voltage controls (24 volt). 
  • Water flow rate adjutment 
  • Contemporary use of more lances at the same time 
  • Automatic switch off of the plant if not used. 
  • Possibility to have different flow rate in different washing zones. 
  • Water lack controls 
  • Block of the plant in case of overtemperature 
  • IP65 electric control panel 
  • Centrifugal pump complete of special seals for hot water. 
  • Pressure indicators 
  • Electronic flow sensor 
  • Engine control by inverter 

Technical data

1050/X * Armadio 100 25 5,5 3
1050/X/I Armadio 100 25 5,5 3
1200/X/I Armadio 200 20 7,5 6
1055/X/I Armadio 50 50 7,5 2
1075/X/I Armadio 75 40 7,5 3
1050/X/S * Skid 100 25 5,5 3
1050/X/I/S Skid 100 25 5,5 3
1200/X/I/S Skid 200 20 7,5 6
1055/X/I/S Skid 50 50 7,5 2
1075/X/I/S Skid 75 40 7,5 3

* Version without Inverter