Vema Srl

Wall mounted or mobile medium pressure Washing machine 12 bar max

The Hydra compact 12/25 is a latest generation low pressure washing machine designed and produced by VEMA to satisfy the demands of an ever more se-lective and demanding market . 
The frame, pump and all control components are entirely made from stainless steel to satisfy the user’s expectations and guarantee incomparable long term reliability with minimum noise levels. . 
Easy to use, compact, with a low maintenance requirement and excellent long term durability, it saves on both water and detergent by optimising all wa-shing phases, obtaining excellent results . 
The pump absorbs just 1.3 kW, produces a pressure of about 12 bars with a maximum flow rate of 35 l/min and can be used with hot water up to 90°C 
The controls are low voltage (24 V) and a delayed total stop function shuts down the system when the lance is closed. 
As with all low to medium pressure systems, compressed air must be introdu-ced for foaming
Water consumption during foaming is just 4 l/min with coverage of about 50/60 m2 per minute and detergent consumption of less than 3%. 
Finally, if compressed air is not available, a version with built-in compressor is also available. 
The Hydra 12/25 is also among the most rational washing machines to operate, as to start washing the operator simply turns the lever on the front panel and inserts the lance.

Technical features

  • Low voltage controls (24 volt). 
  • Total stop. 
  • Over temperature 95 °C. safety control 
  • Pressure indicator. 
  • Controls by electronic flow sensor. 
  • S/s multistage centrifugal pump. 
  • IP65 control panel 
  • S/s dosing system Aisi/316 complete of by-pass for foam and disinfection 
  • Compressed air adjustment complete of backflow securety. 
  • Thermoswitch on air compressor (only for versions with air compressor on board) 
  • S/s frame 
  • Water lack controls 
  • Control of the correct sense of motor rotation. 

Technical data

1060 Wall mounted 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1060/R Mobile 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1061 Wall mounted 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1061/C Wall mounted 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1061/R Mobile 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1061/CR Mobile 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1059/R Wheeled * 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1059/R2 ** Wheeled * 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1059/CR Wheeled * 25/35 12/10 1,3 1
1059/CR2 ** Wheeled * 25/35 12/10 1,3 1

* Manuale Hose Reel included
** Double Suction