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Wheeled washing machine from 20 to 500 bar with cold water

HD Evolution is a professional mobile washing machine. 
Its tough 100% steel structure and manoeuvrability make it ideal for use in especially difficult work environments and it is particularly suitable for special assemblies, such as the very high pressure versions at 500 bars. 
Thanks to its characteristics, the HD Evolution has a particularly effecti-ve cleaning action, speeding up work and therefore saving conside-rable operator time 
Attention to detail and the quality of the products used are a guaran-tee of safety for the operator, the environment and the machine itself . 
Great care has been taken over every detail of assembly to facilitate access and repairs 
The 24 V control panel controls the entire washing machine effectively 
Various optional accessories are available to adapt the washing machi-ne to specific work situations 
Versions with inverter are available on request

Technical features

  • Inverter Technology 
  • Low Voltage controls (24 volt). 
  • Total stop. 
  • Electronic card for lack in h.p. 
  • Block of the system if not used for an hour. 
  • Over temperature 70 ° C. safety control 
  • Working pressure adjustment. 
  • Pressure indicator. 
  • Pressure controls . 
  • Pump with 3 ceramic pistons and s/s valve. 
  • IP65 control panel 
  • Chemical suction in h.p. (Optional) 
  • Heavy metal steel frame with S/s panels. 
  • Water tank in observation of the antipollution standards. 
  • Big front wheel and brake. 
  • Fork mounted and liftable

Technical data

Cold water Version from 20 to 500 bar
51630 30 20 - 250 15 1
51650 30 20 - 350 22 1
51655 25 20 - 500 22 1