Vema Srl

Wall mounted High Pressure Washing machine 130 Bar Max

The Hydra compact 130/12 is a genuine evolution of the species in the medium/low pressure band. 
Unique in its sector for compactness, low noise levels, reliability and stan-dard accessories, it enables foaming, rinsing and disinfection processes to be optimised. 
The system already incorporates all components, from the electrical pa-nel to the 100% stainless steel dispensing system for foaming and disinfec-tion, creating a highly reliable integrated combination to satisfy all saniti-sing needs. 
The frame is in stainless steel and all parts of the machine can be easily inspected for servicing and control. 
The pump absorbs just 3 kW, produces a pressure of about 130 bars with a flow rate of 12 l/min and is suitable for use with hot water up to 75°C. 
The controls are low voltage (24 V) and a delayed total stop function 
shuts down the system when the lance is closed. 
The Hydra 130/12 is also one of the most rational washing machines to use as the operator has simply to turn the knob on the front panel and insert the lance.

Technical features

  • Low voltage controls (24 volt).
  • Total stop.
  • Over temparature 75° C. safety controls
  • Pressure indicator.
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Controls by flow sensor.
  • Pump with 3 ceramic pistons complete of special seals kit for high temperature.
  • IP65 control panel.
  • S/s dosing system Foam System 1 for foam and disinfection.
  • S/s frame

Technical data

1090 12 20-130 3 1