Vema Srl

Centralized hot washing system Pressure adjustable from 20 to 200 Bar

Static is a genuine evolution in high pressure hot water washing 
Tough, reliable and with a wide range of accessories, it is the natural evolution of the classical high pressure washing machine, but with top level technology. 
The system already incorporates all components, from the electrical panel with vandal-proof stainless steel LED luminous buttons to new generation PLC with LCD display which, together with specific soft-ware developed by the Vema technical team, is able to completely con-trol functioning of the system, automating all HP pump and boiler pro-cedures 
Malfunctions and faults are memorised and displayed on the PLC display. 
The result is a highly reliable integrated combination housed in a tough tamper-proof metal structure able to satisfy all use and safety requisites. 
All parts of the machine can be easily inspected for servicing and controls 
The vertical high efficiency diesel fuelled boiler complete with flame control can deliver instantaneous hot water at a temperature of up to 85°C. 
The controls are low voltage (24 V) and a delayed total stop function shuts down the system when the lance is closed. 
Static is also among the most rational washing machines to operate, as to start washing, the operator simply presses a button on the front panel and opens the lance.

Technical features

  • Low voltage controls (24 volt) 
  • Timed Total Stop 
  • PLC to control the machine function 
  • Block of the system if not used for an hour (optional) 
  • Over temperature 95° C safety control 
  • Fuel lack control 
  • Working pressure adjustment 
  • Pressure indicator 
  • Pressure controls 
  • Pump with 3 ceramic pistons and s/s valve 
  • IP65 Control panel 
  • H.p. chemical suction with dosing pump 
  • Flame control 
  • Heavy metal frame 
  • Limestone system (optional) 
  • Inside fuel tank da 36 Lt complete of level controls 
  • Predisposition for fixing at the ground 
  • Pre and post ventilation of the burner motor 
  • S/s vertical boiler complete of flame control 
  • Hight thermal efficiency with less emissions from the chimney 
  • Water tank in observation of the antipollution-standards 
  • Low water safety 

Technical data

3111/X 11 20 - 110 2,2 1
3115/X 15 20 - 200 5,5 1
3121/X 21 20 - 150 5,5 1
3130/X 30 20 - 100 5,5 2
3111 11 20 - 110 2,2 1
3115 15 20 - 200 5,5 1
3121 21 20 - 150 5,5 1
3130 30 20 - 100 5,5 2

/X Stainless Steel Version - /G Gas Boiler Version