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Authomatic insect control product sprayer

ZanzStop is an automated spray unit with a nozzle system able to spray large areas with insecticides or insect repellents .
The system is made of top quality components and the concentration of product to be sprayed can be regulated precisely .
The control module enables the spraying process to be automated.
The compact structure is made from steel and ABS , the control panel is accessible from the outside .
ZanzStop is very easy to use.
Once the area to be sprayed has been identified, a distribution system is constructed with a special PTFE hose, including every 3 m a practical T-junction to which a microspray nozzle with non-drip system will be fitted .
ZanzStop is the only system allowing automatic control of spraying zones, each up to 132 mt long with a maxi-mum of 44 nozzles for each exit.
At this point the product to be distributed is inserted into the internal tank and the system can be started.
ZanzStop, at this point it is able to automatically carry out the entire distribution cycle.
On the control panel there is a practical connector for recharging the battery and a LED that indicates the charge level. 


ZanzStop is particularly useful in all open space:

  • Parks
  • Camping
  • TourisResorts
  • Theatres
  • Private and Public Garden
  • Flowerbeds
  • Residence
  • Hospitals
  • Nursery Homes
  • Pools
  • Spa
  • Gardens
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Agritourisms
  • Parkings
  • Local sanitation of multi zone coveyors belts
  • Lubrication of conveyor belts 

It is important to respect the manufacturer’s instructions for the particular product used.

IMPORTANT: some products can be sprayed only in places where there are no people.

Some repellent products can be used without difficulty in the presence of people and in combination with the jet of mist can create a physical barrier to the passage of insects.

For clarification or further information, contact your local dealer. 

Technical features

  • Electro pump: 12 V
  • Pressure: 7 Bar Max
  • Floe rate: 2,2 Lt/min Max
  • Surface treated: Idepends by the q,ty of the nozzle mounted
  • Programming: timed programming
  • Dimensions: 395x265x503mm (L x H x P)
  • Weigh: 8,3 kg
  • Materials: ABS+Stell
  • Dosage: 100 ml of producin 5 Lt/H2O

Technical data

Nebulizer nozzle with anti-drip valve Cod. 40.0138.00
Brass Nozzle holder Slip Lock Cod. 40.0135.00
PVDF Hose 1/4” of 25 mt Cod. 20.0140.18


Cod. 10.0026.00 ZanzStop
Cod. 10.0139.00 25 mt extension kit with 8 nozzles for ZanzStop