Vema Srl


Vema for over 30 years leader in environmental cleaning, always careful to develop and implement new solutions, is pleased to present the new automatic system for disinfection of vehicles.
It consists in a s/s pumping station with an exclusive volumetric filling, that in addi-tion to always retrieve the same quantity of water and disinfectant, also mix the solution, which is then delivered through special nozzle bars (Optional) placed on the floor and on the lateral ramps, totally made in stainless steel.

Appliance for operation

The process of disinfecting is entrusted to two photocells , positioned in the en-trance, so once saw the silhouette of the vehicle, they let start the s/s pumping unit that by the nozzles will spray under the vehicle as well as on his lateral side (on the left and on the right).
The delivery of water occurs with a pressure of 10 bar and the total flow of all the nozzles installed is only 30 lt/min.
This is a very important detail ‘cause to provide a disinfecting solution of 0.5% are needed only 100 grams of chemical, with a substantial savings compared to similar systems and maintenance costs close to zero.