Vema is a company specialized in design, construction and installation of centralized systems for industrial cleaning.

The high degree of specialization achieved in many years of experience in the use of special pressure washer allows Vema to address all needs, starting from simple modular central plant for the food industry to all the companies who are searching for technologies that can solve the problems of sanitation globally coordinated and united to overcome the limitations of common cleaners.
Vema means specialized skills for maximum economy, efficiency and productivity. Its staff works with high standard following the philosophy of continuous improvement in the awareness of the need to offer the customer a close collaboration as partners and not just a supplier.ditta


qualita_certifVema means the Quality Systems such as the daily application of the “continuous improvement” in each of the activities of the Company system.

The customer is seen as a reference point and your satisfaction becomes the main goal toward which our company directs all the energies. Quality has always been the distinctive element in the design and manufacture of our products, an investment to be more competitive and have more satisfied customers, more convinced of the value of the decision to have Vema as a supplier, aware that operates in accordance with Standard ISO 9001 Download PDF